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New to cosmetic injections? Here's what to expect!

Preparation is key when it comes to cosmetic injections. Consulting with a licensed professional before any cosmetic procedure is strongly advised. Your injector should be prepared with pre-treatment and post-care advice for you to follow during your consultation. Remember, pre-treatment information is just as important as post-care. Here is everything you need to know for your first injection treatment!

Injectables are a non-surgical treatment option and include a broad range of substances administered by injection. Toxins, traditional fillers, and collagen stimulators are three of the most common types of substances! They are mainly used to treat lines, wrinkles, and folds, which are key indicators of facial aging. Having a small grasp of what injectables are and how they are used can help you determine what you would prefer at your treatment!

24 hours prior to your treatment you want to avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, and drinking alcohol. Consuming blood thinners (such as aspirin/ibuprofen) or alcohol 24 hours before your appointment may thin the blood and increase the risk of bruising after your treatment. Steering clear of those few things before your visit will help the outcome of your injections! When arriving to your appointment a clean, "makeup free" face is recommended. However, if you happen to be wearing makeup at the time of your appointment keep in mind that your injector is going to thoroughly clean the area of treatment before any injections take place. A clean canvas is helpful to your injector, carefully following these steps before hand can enhance your overall experience!

Upon arrival, consultation on what you would like done during your visit is normally the first thing you and your injector will cover! The treatment process is generally swift after consultation. During your appointment your skin will be thoroughly cleansed, including makeup removal if necessary. Topical numbing is optional if you have a low pain tolerance and would like to increase your level of comfort. However, most patients express very minimal "pinprick" pain during their injections. The most common question received is, "Will I bruise after my injections are complete?" Bruising is the most common side effect associated with fillers when injecting into lips or tear troughs. Nonetheless bruising is a perfectly normal response to any kind of injections. Mild to moderate pinkness at the site of injection is to be expected.

When preparing to leave your appointment, post-care should be provided verbally and potentially on a sheet of paper for you to take home! Post-care includes:

  • Not applying makeup or skincare products to the injected area for 24 hours.

  • Do not work out the same day after injections.

  • Avoid lying flat or bending over for 6 hours after injections.

  • Avoid touching injected area.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat for 48 hours.

  • Avoid sleeping on face the night of your injections and sleep elevated to reduce swelling (fillers).

Some tenderness and bruising can be expected. Swelling and bruising can last a few days depending how quickly your body can clear any bruising you may have. Contact your injector if you feel pain, heat, or see discolored skin at the injection site. You may be prompted to schedule a follow-up appointment to evaluate your results a few weeks following your treatment.

Hopefully this dive into first time injections will help if you don't know where to start, are on the fence about injections, or have an upcoming treatment scheduled. Many first-time patients choose Highlight Aesthetics because of our excellent reputation! We have successfully helped hundreds of patients feel more confident in their own skin! We look forward to helping you with the procedures we covered today!

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