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The Basics of Dermaplaning

What is Dermaplaning?

While many people think that dermaplaning is a fairly new treatment due to its recent social media presence, it has actually been around for decades! Dermaplaning is a skin resurfacing treatment used to enhance skin texture. This procedure, if done correctly, is swift and painless. A specialized exfoliating blade gently removes dead skin cells and hair from across your face, creating a smoother and brighter appearance to your natural complexion.

Benefits, Risks, and Side Effects

Dermaplaning has many benefits for most skin types! Some of those benefits include removing soft/fine hair, rejuvenating the skin, evening out your skin tone, and smoother makeup application! Dermaplaning can help minimize the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin. This procedure can reveal smoother, firmer and healthier skin. However, with every beauty treatment comes risk. This procedure is considered to be low risk and generally a safer cosmetic treatment.

Is Dermaplaning for Everyone?

Like all skincare treatments, dermaplaning may not be for everyone. Some people with preexisting skin concerns shouldn’t have dermaplaning. Before getting this procedure, talk to your dermatologist or esthetician if you have any of the following: Cold sore breakouts, active case of acne, eczema, skin growths, psoriasis, skin burns, rosacea, actively taking Accutane, and skin rashes.


How often can I schedule a dermaplaning treatment?

answer: If after consultation with a health care provider and it is decided that dermaplaning is for you, monthly treatments are ideal! Four weeks is the optimal treatment schedule to keep your skin in the best condition possible, maintaining a glowing and smooth complexion.

Does your hair grow back thicker and darker?

answer: many people are afraid that the hair on their faces will grow back thicker and darker. This is simply not true. The exfoliating blade simply removes the tapered tip of hair so that the blunt, thicker base is visible. Since the vellus hairs on your face are thinner and softer, you won’t even have to worry about this issue.

Is dermaplaning painful?

answer: many people assume that since an exfoliating "blade" is used throughout the procedure that it is painful, however that is not true! Although the fear is justifiable, you will only feel a light brushing and/or a gentle tickling sensation! The technique is gentle and only skims the surface of your face. Most people actually find dermaplaning soothing.

Is dermaplaning a time-consuming procedure?

answer: this question will be dependent based upon who carries out the treatment. However, most dermaplaning sessions are typically done in less than an hour! Highlight Aesthetics even offers and Express Dermaplaning session! Since the benefits last for up to a month, we find that this is a great payoff for the time it takes.

Dermaplaning is a technique that provides instant benefits in a pain-free way. You’ll enjoy smoother, brighter-looking skin through a simple treatment that takes less than an hour to complete. You’ll also find that this treatment goes well with facials. Because the dead skin cells and the hair on your face are being removed, products will be able to absorb into your skin, this will lead to even better results.

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