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Skin Care For Every Season

Nothing burns like the cold. Winter is just around the corner and so is dry winter skin! Seasonal skin care is KEY when it comes to ridding dry irritated skin in the colder months. To keep your skin healthy, it takes more than bundling up in your coziest of clothes as layers of protection against the cold. Chaning your skincare regimen seasonally can proactively help you ease into the transition from summer to winter!

The cold air, low humidity levels, and harsh winter wind will remove the moisture right out of your skin. This leads to your skin appearing less radiant and becoming extremely dry or chapped. The lack of moisture in the air could potentially cause a number of undesirable problems with your skin. Signs of dry skin include redness, rough texture, cracks in skin or lips, raw or irritated skin, itchiness, stinging, and burning. The severity of these conditions varies but can quickly become a nightmare if not taken care of properly.

Over the years I have stuck to three things that immensely helped my skin stay hydrated and radiant in the winter months. Adjusting my skin care routine, investing in a humidifier, and drinking lots of water has never failed to save my skin when the transition from summer to winter arrives! As for skincare, moisturizing should be a top priority. Including a more nourishing moisturizer and/or serum into your regimen will help hydrate your thirsty skin. Investing in a quality sunscreen could protect your skin from unsuspecting damage. Yes, you still need sunscreen in the winter! Although many commonly associate sunscreens with summer, it's just as much a winter necessity. The sun comes out even when it's cold and cloudy.

As comforting as central heating may be, the system commonly reduces the humidity levels in the home which is another way your skin can become dry! Humidifiers work wonder for dry indoor heat. There are many advantages to using a humidifier in your home! They defend you from dry air by producing a vapor that creates moisture in the air of your home. Advantages include Hydrating skin, better sleep and easier breathing, and boosting the overall air quality of your home. Lastly hydrate from the inside. Drinking water will inevitably help hydrate and clear your skin over time. It helps promote healthy skin by removing toxins and makes your skin glow with radiance!

Something to think about in the winter are SKIN TREATMENTS! Many skin treatments are perfect to get during the colder months. The best treatments to schedule during the winter are chemical peels, laser treatments, dermaplaning, and even cosmetic/permanent makeup (microblading near me)! During the summer months its harder and can be riskier to do more aggressive treatments like chemical peels due to the fact that they make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Saving these treatments for winter can minimize the risk associated with the treatments because your skin is almost completely covered during the healing stages. While there are hardly any treatments you should avoid come winter, remember that it is extremely important to keep your skin hydrated and do not over exfoliate!

Hopefully these tips help you begin your winter skincare journey! Before booking any of these appointments or changing your skincare routine its always best to consult with your esthetician or dermatologist. These professionals will be able to help you carefully plan a skin care routine that works for YOU!

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