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Permanent Makeup Services

Highlight Your Features with Semi Permanent Makeup

Having semi permanent makeup can boost your confidence and reduce the time you spend on your  morning routine.  A beautiful pigment will be implanted into the uppermost layer of your skin with a tiny needle. Numbing cream is always provided.

Lips makeup
eyebrows makeup
eyeliner makeup
Permanent Eyebrows

Semi Permanent Lipblush Tattoo

Gentle tattoo that lasts 2-5 years

Choose from our many colors that will compliment your skintone. Forget about smudging lipstick, sticky lipgloss or reapplying.

Semi Permanent Microblading and Powder Brow

Gentle tattoo that lasts 1-3 years

Brows give a youthful frame to the face. Brow texture and shape is designed based on your personal style and anatomy. Even your skin type should be considered when choosing the right method for you.

Semi Permanent Eyeliner

Gentle tattoo that lasts 2-5 years

Classic lines and colors are what we recommend here at Highlight. Choose to do upper, lower or both to enhance your eyes.

Eyebrow Tattoo Lightning

Remove your old tattoo

Many people come to Highlight with existing permanent makeup. If the old pigment is an undesired shape or color it may have to be treated with a removal process. The removal process gently lightens the old tattoo with natural acids.

Get in touch today. In person consultations are $50.00

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