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Powder Brow

What Is Powder Brow

Everything You Need to Know About Powder Brows


The beauty industry has come up with a range of brow treatments that offer a natural, fuller look that lasts longer than eyebrow pencils and gels. While microblading and other semi-permanent solutions have been trending for the past few years, powder brows have emerged as the latest buzz-worthy treatment in the world of beauty. With its natural-looking results and low maintenance upkeep, it's easy to see why it's so popular. Here's everything you need to know about powder brows.

How are Powder Brows different from microblading?


Microblading uses a tool that inserts pigment into the skin using a hair-stroke technique. The outcome appears like small, natural hair strokes. On the other hand, Powder Brows entail inserting pigment into the first layers of the skin using a digital tattoo machine. It creates a powdery, soft-shaded effect similar to the makeup technique "Ombre Eyebrows."  

Who is it ideal for?


Powder Brows are an excellent option for those who want a full, defined, long-lasting brow. Powder Brows are ideal for individuals with sparse eyebrows, anyone looking for an alternative to microblading. They are also best for people with oily skin, those with acid retinol treatments, and/ or are under the age of 18. 


How long does it last?


Powder Brows typically last between 12 and 24 months, depending on skin type and aftercare. A touch-up appointment is recommended after three to four weeks from your initial appointment, which ensures the longevity of the results. 


What to expect during the procedure?


Before starting the procedure, the technician assesses the client's skin type and color, then choosing the shade of pigment that matches their hair and skin tone. Then, they use a sterile digital tattoo machine to select the desired powder brow shape, which is also customized based on the client's facial features. The procedure takes around two hours, and the first week is relatively crucial after the treatment.


Aftercare tips


The aftercare tips are incredibly crucial for the success of the treatment. After completing the procedure, avoid getting the area wet or sweaty for the first week. Use a gentle cleanser on the area with clean, dry hands twice a day, followed by any ointment that the practitioner recommends. After a week, the scabs will likely peel off, revealing a dark brow. As it heals, it may appear lighter, and a touch-up appointment is recommended two to three weeks after the procedure. 


At Highlight Aesthetics and Permanent Makeup, our experienced technicians are committed to providing superior quality treatments with safety and excellent results. If you are considering a  Powder Brow  treatment, contact us today for an initial consultation!

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