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What is the difference between microblading and powder brows?

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Microblading is done with tiny sharp needles on the end of a manual tool. When used properly, it creates tiny cuts in the skin that look like hair. This technique is ideal for a natural look but when the technician cuts too deep or cuts too many times, the result is scarred skin and hair loss. Do opt for this technique if you like the natural look and have a normal skin type with smooth texture. Don't opt for this technique if you have very oily skin, scarring in your brows, or an old tattoo that needs to be covered up.

Powder brows are done with a tiny needle attached to a gentle tattoo machine. It deposits pigment into the skin in tiny little dots. The result can be natural that looks like soft powder. It does look more like makeup than other techniques. A soft front to the brow blending into a more saturated middle and tail is classically beautiful.

Combination brow is my personal favorite. It combines microblading and powder technique. The result is hair strokes in all the right places with powder layered into the negative spaces. The look is not over powering first thing in the morning and still full and defined for any occasion.

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