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Do You Love Makeup?

Why do we wear makeup? Wearing it makes us feel more confident, sociable, and assertive. The ritual of putting on makeup can create positive vibes that will propel us to take on the day. Additionally, mineral based makeup can protect your skin from the sun and keep it safe from environmental toxins. The makeup artists putting out tutorials on the internet mesmerize me. It is really amazing how they can transform someone!

Personally though, every year that goes by I am less interested in applying makeup. When I was in junior college I worked at a Clinique counter. I loved to do makeup on my clients. I was always amazed at how the correct foundation color and application on top of healthy skin would skyrocket my client's confidence. Not to mention, helping my client find their perfect shade lipstick was a challenge that I loved to take on. The picture below is me applying makeup to the mother of the groom, when the makeup artist didn't show up to the event.

I still enjoy a similar process in my business now but for many of my clients the end goal is; less makeup. Freedom from designing your own brows every morning, smudging mascara and liner, faded lipstick and foundation that settles in your lines.

We're living in a time where anything we can do to get back time on a daily basis is crucial and possibly even life changing. If you want to simplify your makeup routine, one or all of the following procedures may be right for you;

  • Semi Permanent Brows lasts 1-3 years and can be designed to replace makeup or be enhanced with makeup.

  • Lipblush tattoo lasts 2- 5 years and can replace lipstick or be covered with a different lipstick color.

  • Tattooed eyeliner lasts 2-5 years and can replace eyeliner or just make your lashline look thicker.

  • Eyelash extensions replace mascara, eyelash curlers and sometimes eyeliner or eyeshadow. They need to be maintained with regular fills.

  • Botox, Xeomin and fillers can be injected to lessen or eliminate lines, reducing the need for foundation, concealer and contouring.

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